Harvest - October thru March

2010 Arabica Export Production = 1,749,325 60kg bags

Mexico is the eighth largest producing country globally and one of the largest producers of certified organic coffee. Even so, most coffee is grown in small farms numbering over 100,000. Its main growing regions are the states of Veracruz, Oaxaca and Chiapas located in the south central and southern areas of the country, extending south to the border with Guatemala. Generally, Mexican coffees are mild and light-bodied with delicate flavors that can vary nicely in the cup, depending upon the region. The southern most Chiapas region, bordering Guatemala exhibits some of the same characteristics as their neighbor’s. Due to its mild nature, Mexican coffees are often used as the base for blends and darker roasts. When you see the Altura designation, you know that it is high-grown.