Harvest - August thru September

2010 Arabica Export Production = 12,758 60kg bags

Jamaica is most well known for the incredibly expensive Jamaica Blue Mountain which is in the eastern part of the country between Kingston and Port Antonio. The different classifications center around elevation. True Jamaica Blue Mountain is grown between 3,000 and 5,500 feet. Jamaica High Mountain designates coffee grown between 1,500 and 3,000 feet and Jamaica Supreme or Jamaica Low Mountain below 1,500 feet. Jamaica has a long and bumpy coffee history that began in 1728 shortly after the success of the first coffee transplant in the Americas in Martinique. Retailing for $50 or more per pound many find it hard to justify the price in relation to the cup experience. It is a mild coffee with a lower bean density that requires some careful coaxing in the early stages of roasting. The three most popular names (mills) are Mavis Bank, Wallenford and Old Tavern. Take care when purchasing a Jamaican coffee. If you are paying top dollar, make sure it is 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain.