Harvest - October thru March

2010 Arabica Export Production = 7,161,324 60kg bags

Colombia is the second largest producer of Coffea Arabica in the world. The coffee industry is well-organized around the Colombia Federation of Coffee Growers which has been extremely successfully in consistently producing high-quality coffees and supporting small farmers to market. To achieve this, small farmers are required to wet process their beans which then make their way to Federation mills where they are sorted and graded. The best of these is Supremo followed by Extra. These two are often combined to form another designation, Excelso. These coffees are almost all high-grown milds grown to a very high standard. While a result of this system is that individual nuances of a particular farm are “averaged” out, the overall quality is very high and produces a distinctive cup. Apart from the Federation, there are some private mills in which case a market or regional name is used in place of the standard designations.