Harvest - Octbober - December

2010 Arabica Export Production = 828,726 60kg bags

Despite the early history of Bada Budan’s famous coffee seeds, India today is not well-known to the world for its coffee. Much of the country’s coffee industry has been focused on internal consumption rather than export. This changed only in the mid-1800’s via the British and recently by specialized importers generating greater awareness for these coffees. As a whole, good Indian coffees tend to be pleasingly mild and well-balanced. On the other hand, Indian Malabar or Indian Monsoon Malabar coffee reflects a drastically different profile in the cup. These coffees are dry processed and then stored in an open warehouse, exposed to monsoon air and wind for 3-4 months. This process was developed to mimic the matured or aged Java coffee that was used as ballast in sailing ships. Their exposure to salt and wood imparted a unique flavor that was sharp, tangy and spicy with low acidity.