Si Signature Blends

From Mocha Java to Black Gold, our blends reflect the history, region, tradition and taste of great coffee. Choose one as your signature coffee and explore others for your every mood. OK Kosher Certified.

Si Single Origin

The distinct flavor profiles of single origin coffees reflect terroir as well as the growing practices and processes defined by family and tradition. Taste a different part of the world in every cup. OK Kosher Certified.

Es Espresso

A classic espresso is rich in body with a full and pleasing aroma. There should be a balance of acidity and bitter sweetness that reflects the totality of the premium quality beans in the blend and the skill of extraction. Longbottom's custom espresso blends are designed according to the Italian School for balance, completeness and perfect extraction every time. Each of our espressos reflect over four decades of innovation and the pursuit of that perfect cup!

Or Organic

Longbottom has been Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth for over 20 years. We were an early adopter of the NOP Organic standard and offer a wide selection of Organic and Fair Trade Organic coffees. We select coffees from OCIA and SKAL certified organic plantations that support pure and sustainable agricultural practices. Free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Support your own health and that of the environment. All these coffees are Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth and Kosher by OK Kosher.

Fa Fair Trade Organics

Longbottom already donates a portion of every coffee sale to the Coffee Trust. Buying Fair Trade is one more way you help support coffee growing communities by ensuring they get a fair price for their labor. All these coffees are certified Fair Trade by Fair Trade USA, Organic by Oregon Tilth, Kosher by OK Kosher and Swiss Water Processed Decaf by Swiss Water.

Fl Flavored

We hand blend each flavored coffee in small 3-5 pound batches using freshly roasted coffee and the finest available extracts to provide a consistent cup every time. Each one is a feast for the senses! Whether you enjoy flavored coffee as everyday treat or for a special occasion, we have a wide variety to choose from. All flavored coffees are certified Kosher by OK Kosher.