Premium Quality

Producing the highest quality coffee possible has been part of our DNA since day one. It is something we will never sacrifice in the name of cost, efficiency or any other reason - period.

Longbottom Coffee sources the very best green beans available, working with trusted importers to ensure that this food is grown, processed, stored and transported with the utmost care. Using a hot-air roasting process and working by hand, we produce coffees that are evenly roasted at the appropriate temperatures and that faithfully represent the bean’s natural flavor.

We define quality as:

  • selecting and purchasing the best green, hard-beans - 100% Arabica, high-grown milds
  • roasting over a bed of fluid hot-air that roasts evenly while blowing chaff and other impurities out of the roasting chamber
  • working in small, hand-crafted batches; roasting, blending and packaging our coffees by hand
  • roasting to order for peak freshness
  • focusing on flavor that reflects the true essence of the coffee and roasting process