La Roya Recovery Project - Awareness Campaign

Longbottom Coffee and Tea is partnering with The Coffee Trust to increase awareness of a deadly fungus that is devastating coffee crops in Central America. Known as La Roya, this fungus eats away at the leaves on coffee plants, causing them to fall off before the plant can flower. It is also known as “coffee rust.” Right now, La Roya is striking with a vengeance in Central America and is also starting to appear in South America. It is slashing farmer yields and pushing communities already plagued by poverty, hunger and insufficient access to healthcare and education into deeper crisis. In some of the hardest hit areas, farmers have lost up to 75% of their production, basically 75% of their income.

Bill Fishbein has pioneered development and sustainability work in coffee growing regions for nearly three decades. First with Coffee Kids and now with The Coffee Trust, Bill’s compassion and deep understanding of coffee growing families and the challenges they face have resulted in a campesino-a-campesino approach. This methodology respects each individual by encouraging farmers to help each other, not just now, but for generations to come. The results are encouraging, but we need your help to broaden the reach and ensure that all families have food to eat, access to healthcare and education, and a bright future.

Over the next 12 months, Longbottom Coffee will make a concerted effort to increase awareness of The Coffee Trust and the work being done to help coffee growing families. The awareness campaign will culminate in the giving away of a 21' LOA Gaff Rig Sloop built by Michael Baccellieri, owner of Longbottom Coffee and Tea on April 15, 2016. This beautiful sailboat will come fully fitted, including a trailer and be ready to sail the San Juan Islands.

Please join us in kicking off this campaign April 14, 2015 at 5:30 pm. Enjoy dinner, music, and support The Coffee Trust in stemming the tide of this deadly fungus and directly helping the families that make our delicious cup of coffee possible.

RSVP to Nancee Pangares at 503-648-1271

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