About Us

Since 1981, Longbottom Coffee and Tea has been delivering the world's finest coffees directly to you. We carry on a tradition that has connected virtually all parts of the world in trade, commerce and shared enjoyment since before the 16th century. It is a tradition exemplified by a French naval officer, Gabriel Mathieu de Clieu. In 1723 de Clieu, embarked for Martinique with a 5 foot tall coffee plant. He protected the plant from a jealous fellow officer, fought off Tunisian pirates and sacrificed his water rations to bring his coffee plant to Martinique. This plant that would yield 19 million coffee trees in Martinique by 1777 and become the progenitor of the majority of coffee in the Americas.

While we do not face pirates today, Longbottom Coffee and Tea is as passionate and committed to coffee as de Clieu. We believe that everyone should be able to experience and savor fine coffee and be connected to the global community that has brought people together from farm to cup for centuries.

The passion we have for coffee and for you is what fills our sails each and every day.